Tuning in to Teens Inverell


Tuning in to Teens - FREE

A parenting program for parents of adolescents aged 11- 24.

Would you like to learn how to:

  • be better at talking with and understanding your teen?
  • help your teen learn to manage their emotions and help to prevent behaviour problems in your teen?
  • teach your teen to deal with conflict?


Teens who develop emotional intelligence:

  • are more aware, assertive and strong with peer pressure
  • make positive friendships and handle conflict better
  • are more able to cope when upset or angry
  • have fewer mental health and substance abuse difficulties
  • have more stable and satisfying relationships as adults
  • have greater career success


July 2024

WHEN: Thursday 25th July 2024

TIME:10am - 2.30pm

WHERE: Centacare Inverell, 21 Oliver Street, Inverell

 To register ring Pedro on 6738 7200 or 1800 372 826

Things to Avoid with your Teen


  • assume that the teen years will be a nightmare – much of this time is wonderful!
  • take your adolescent’s behaviours personally. They need parents who can be emotionally separate.
  • minimize your adolescent’s feelings, perspectives, or the intensity of their feelings and beliefs.
  • be fooled by a teen’s size, intellect or other abilities; he is still “in process”.
  • over-trust. Remember your adolescent is to some degree, or at some times, self-absorbed, impulsive, and lacking in good judgement.
  • use punishments or excessive consequences. They are generally ineffective and damaging to your relationship and decrease your long-term influence over your teen.
  • let go too soon; it can be experienced as abandonment.
  • hold on when it’s time to let go: it can be experienced as manipulative, controlling or intrusive.
  • need to always be right or to know more. Don’t hurry to correct facts.
  • compete in style of dress, or with your son or daughter’s friends.
  • use your children to get your own needs met. Prepare for their departure gradually, as they are gradually leaving. Make a life of your own!
  • underestimate your power to influence your teen